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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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ey're not too concerned because the fire is surrounded by water. police have arrested a murder suspect in connection with human remains found in a suitcase. police detained the unidentified man late last night in san francisco's tenderloin district. this morning they've identified hem now and placed him under arrest. cornell bernard has more. >> reporter: suspect mark anidrosis being held without bail here at city jail. charged with a gruesome bizarre crime that some say is stranger than fiction. >> i thought it was fake when i heard about it. just sounded crazy. like a tv show. >> many are breathing easier, knowing a murder suspect is off their neighborhood streets, in soma. >> relieved an arrest has been made here? >> yes, i am. kids come through here. we not goodwill and a lot of people around here. who don't like to be freaked out by things like that. >> reporter: police say mark
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andrus is suspected of murdering a person whose headless torso was found dumped in a suitcase on 11th street on wednesday other. body parts were found in a trash can nearby. abc7 news obtained the video which shows the suspect wearing the same ball cap and clothing, lugging a suitcase on howard straight -- howard street. the victim's identity is still a mystery. the coroner can only say it was a light-skinned male. >> i spoke to the man a couple of times in passing but that's crazy. >> reporter: she has season andrus on the streets. andrus was picked unfor questioning at this public housing building friday night, his head covered with a sheet to protect his identity. officials say he was a visitor here but that's frightening to residents. >> scared, scared. especially when we sleeping. >> reporter: another man was questioned by police but not
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charged. mark andrus denied our request for a jailhouse interview inch san francisco, abc7 news. >> tonight dozen of people have been forced from their homes because of a huge near san francisco. sergio quintana is live from the scene a block from alamo square park. >> reporter: well in just the last few minutes scott street has re-opened to traffic. you can see right up there, there are a few people who are still working on the fire, doing some assessments on the damage. fire inspectors have been trying to figure out exactly what caused the fire and where. this is the historic alamo square district, which is packed full of classic victorians and unfortunately most are would buildings, all packed in very close together. this is video of the firefight shot by a resident from her rooftop. you can see the thick black smoke and fire crews mobilizing their attack. there will no fatilities and no
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injuries but the biggs challenge for fire crews in dense neighborhoods is keeping the fire contained to as few buildings as possible. in this case the fire started in one building and then quickly spread to three others. fire crews say most residents there -- moët residents were likely out enjoying the weather and did not have to evacuate many people. one resident who was home ran out of her building when she heard the fire truck sirens to see what was happening. >> ran inside to get the cat, and then while i was doing that, the police pounded on all the doors in the building and said, out now. and one very nice police officer helped me for a minute to find a cat. >> reporter: she was able to get both cats out safely. she says she is stale little shocked. she was at home getting her apartment ready for a dinner party which is now cancelled.
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the four different buildings have between 19 and 24 apartments. all of the residents are not likely going to be allowed to return to their homes tonight. the american red cross was on scene earlier this afternoon to offer their assistance. reporting live in san francisco abc7 news. >> thank you sergio. speaking of the red cross, tonight american red cross is also help ought victims of wednesday night's massive fire in san francisco's mission district. a multiservice agency has been set up at the salvation army on valencia street. one person died in the fire, dozens of other people are displaced from their homes. the red cross is providing emergency shelter and resources to help those fire victims get back on their feet. >> also be hand ought vouchers for clothing and later on if people find housing helping with furnishings these folks lost everything in the fire and they're starting from scrooch to rebuild their homes.
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>> dock's clock bark across the street is collecting donations and giving half of its bar sales to fire victims tonight. >> richmond police are on the lookout for a gunman after a deadly shooting this morning. officers responded to a shot spotter alert shortly after 3:00 a.m. and found a man dead inside a truck suffering from a gunshot wound. it was parked at the corner of 23rd street and burbank avenue. the victim's name has not been released. if you have information, you're asked to call richmond police. the great day to be outside of this record-setting saturday. the weather sunny and warm. dozens of boaters hit the bay to ride the mild waves and soak in the sun. right now, still beautiful outside, but our good weather does come at a cost. abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma has more with live doppler 7hd. >> it's been a dry and mild month across the bay area. today capping off january with record-setting temperatures. take a look.
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record warmth in many locations, from san jose to oakland, san francisco, sfo international san rafael, more than 20 degrees above normal. record high of 78 degrees. besting the old record set back in 1976. now, we are in unprecedented territory, especially in san francisco in terms of our drought. for the first time since records have been kept, 165 years we have never had a january that has been completely dry and that's what we have achieved unfortunately, here. the good news is we are seeing changes to the pattern not only cooler temperatures for sunday but also hints of rain on the way on the seven-day. i'll give you details and timing with the full forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you. a group of tenants that say their landlord is harassing them and threatening evictions fought back this afternoon. they marched through san francisco's castro district holding signs and beating drums. all of these people claim the woman who owns their rent-controlled homes have done everything she can to get them
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to move out. we heard stories about utilities being turned off leases changed with little or no warning and unsafe living conditions. >> i'm disabled i'm 71 years old and i live in that house for 42 years. nobody complain about me. she harassing me, telling me she going to can i kick me out of her house whoever she feel like it. >> we made more than one attempt to get the building owner's side of the story but phone calls and e-mails have not been returned. still ahead at 6:00, a new report shows just how much or actually how little governor brown spent for his re-election campaign last year. a flash in the sky scares some people in the east bay. what they actually saw soaring across the horizon. a california expo shows off
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new reports show governor brown spent less than his opponent last fall and just a fraction of what he and his former opponent spent in 2010. last year's gubernatorial campaign cost pro brown $5.9 million and most of that went to supporting a water bond
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and a rainy day fund. his opponent, neil kashkari spent $7.1 million in a failed bid. 3 million of that came from his own pocket. compare those numbers to the 2010 election. brown spent $36 million and former ebay chiefing me whitman spent $178 million in a losing effort. a record for the state. people in southern california are celebrating the art of 3-d printing. this is the second year for the 3-d printer world expo in burbank. more than 50 companies are showing off everything you can do with a 3-d printer from the unusual, to the practical, real works of art. anything you can build in three-dimension are on may. plastic printers are most common but there are metal ones, too. >> those who say there will be a 3-d printer in every home and you can download files so you can print a replacement part to
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an appliance or something like that. all kinds of medical breakthroughs. they say they'll be able to print a heart within ten years. >> the expo features competition for digital artists. coming up next on abc7 news at 6:00, could a dry january give way to a wet february? abc7 news drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> all alone in second place for major titles winning the australian open, and why are these golf fans littering the golf course? you don't litter on a
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in the north bay people reported seeing a bright flash of light in the sky this afternoon. witnesses say it looked like a glowing fireball streaking across the sky. some people called nine one win with reported of a plane crash but authority believes it was likely a meteor. another flash of light on the central coast this morning. is was nasa's delta 2 rocket carrying a satellite that can
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measure moisture from space. the launch went off from vandenburg just before sunrise, people along the california cost reported seeing a bright light flash across the sky. volunteers in the south bay hit the streets today with the message, east san jose matters. volunteers came out to clean up the neighborhood surrounding arbuckle clyde elementary school. san jose city leaders joined community members picking up and hauling off truckloads of illegally dumped trash and wiping away graffiti. they say it's the first step the taking back control of the neighborhood. >> leaving a legacy of civil service, social justice for their children and for the generations to come. it's important that we control our streets, that we make sure that we live in a safe clean environment, not just for our children but for our entire families. >> city leaders say caltrans has made a commitment to clean up the 680 king road offramp which leads into the neighborhood.
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certainly had nice weather but not the weather we need. >> or the weather we expect this time of the year. temperatures well above normal feeling more like april than the end of january. sunday we'll track changes that do include cool cooler temperatures. doppler doorway shows you a dry picture, nothing but bright blue skies out there. the sun went down at 5:30 2:00 p.m. tomorrow not as bright of a sky. we see clouds move in with a system approaching from the west. unfortunately no rainfall from the system. it's currently 63 in san francisco, very mild. 65 hayward. oakland as well, 66, concord. fairfield, 65, san jose 65. if you're headed out on the town for the evening, it will have clear skies, plenty of stars. temperatures mild by 7:00 in the mid-50s to upper 60s and by 11:00 we'll have a light breeze
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and temperatures falling back into the 40s and 50s, satellite and radar shows you the storm system approaching from the west. unfortunately the moisture getting pushed to the north. will re see high clouds from the system but the winds will shift and that means cooler temperatures for sunday. we'll have an onshore wind develop off the pacific ocean, meaning not only cooler temperatures but more in the way of cloud cover for your sunday. we'll call it peeks of sunshine but temperatures topping out in the 60s for sunday, not the record 70s we had today. the long-range forecast, looking for any sort of rainfall and we're keeping our eye on next friday, into saturday. the key question right now, how far south does this rain go? a good bet is that the north bay does see some showers. you notice that the cutoff line of the rain right over san francisco, and likely could see san jose. we don't pick up any rainfall. the hope is that the trend
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continues to push the storm south. something we'll fine tune. that's the next best chance for rain on friday. overnight lows 41, santa rosa 47, san francisco. 44, san jose. clear skies early on, then the high clouds will start to filter in after midnight. for tomorrow, it's still a mild sunday around here. 60s across the board in most spots, 66 in richmond same in oakland. 65, downtown san francisco, 67, livermore, 67 for san jose. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow it's cloudier and a cooler end to the weekend. monday, morning fog afternoon sunshine bumpup in the temperatures-70s on the board return. tuesday, slight dip. wednesday, mild, sunny but things begin to change on thursday. we'll see increasing clouds first. thursday is dry. and then friday we'll see if the cold front can dip a little to the south to give us more in the way of rainfall friday night and saturday morning. right now looks like the best chance would be the north bay
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for any soaking showers and we'll keep our eye on the system to see if that changes in the next couple of days. >> shu is talking tennis. >> serene practice williams should be considered perhaps the greatest over to play her sport. won her sixth australian open today at 33 year old. oldest to win a major in the era. her 19th major, now drills only stefi graff. set point in the first, sharapova on the serve. hits the net cord serena with the cat-like return. had the russian on the ropes but sharapova was not done. forces a second set tiebreaker with that forehand minimummer. match point for serena. what it's else, ace. she wins her 19th major title. >> standing here with 19
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championships, is something i never thought would happen just -- i went on the courts with just a ball and a react and -- and a racket and a hope and it's inspiring for those who want to be the best you can be. >> she is the best. if not for super bowl xlix the phoenix open would be the top of the town. the stadium holds 15,000 fans got a treat from francesco -- molinari nothing but net, an ace. gets high fives then became like a football game, fans throwing beer cans some cups on the force. first ace on the hole since 2011 but they're all chases scott laird. 13-under on 11, 47 footer for bird and drops it. pars a 68, a three-stroke lead in second place at 10-under
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going into sunday's final round. >> moving understood, stanford and washington state. the amber show. top of the key finds the cutting bonnie hoop and the harm. this time around channels her inner steph curry. the deep three. stanford takes down the could you go gears 75-56. >> across the bay cal hosting uw. this game was all golden bears. mercedes with the feed. 27 points, 14 boards. the bears roll the huskies 82-58. for the men, st. matter and pepperdine. gaels up four in the first one. waldo throws it down. had 25. but would leave with an ankle injury. the spark for the waves off the bench. pepperdine down one. waves up two late. off the air ball murray junior
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hit thursday teardrop just like his old many. pepperdine upsets st. mary's. chelsea hosting manchester city in the biggest premiere league match of the year. chelsea strikes fir -- first blood. four minutes later, the sky blues equalize, the shot is deflected into the net by silva. the match would end in a 1-1 draw. chelsea remains five points ahead of second place city. this sports right brought could toe you by bank of the west. tomorrow is super bowl sunday patriots and seahawks. most watched sporting event in the united states with 110 million people tuning in. playing for the opportunity be called a world champion and a chance to slip on a show ring. patriots are the favorite my picking seattle. before we go, only thing better than winning a summer bowl ring
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getting name to the hall of fame. charles hailey has five super bowl rings the only man with five. congratulations. we'll hear from him at 9:00 and 11. >> how many too you have? >> i have one. >> more than enough. >> thank you. >> thanks, shu. next at 6:00, shu, maybe you can help me with this. how learning the forehand hit and the in-step drive i
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join us tonight on kofy tv 20. we'll tell you why california scientists are alarmed by a new study of the ocean. then at 11:00 here on channel 7 the rising price of a super bowl party. what it's likely to cost this year. that is tonight at 11:00. today, dozens of young girls in san francisco got to try out several new sports to see which ones clicked. san francisco rec and park celebrated women and girls in sports at keys star pavilion in golden gate park. girls ages five to twelve got a taste of basketball wrestling, tennis, soccer, they rotated from sport to sport, meeting coaches and learning how to play each game. a rec and parks spokesman says it's more about more than being physically healthy. it's about giving girls
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self-confidence and helping them grow emotionally. >> a great event. where else you get a chance to try out each sport. >> thank you. that does it for abc7 news at 6:00. thank you for watching. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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